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A TRIBUTE & RESPECT (1958): Slow Boat Back to England or Drive Overland? “Just for the hell of it, we decided to drive the overland journey back,” smiled Roy Follows, author of “The FIRST Overland: Four Wheels & Frontiers” to Noel Dudgeon in 1958. 28,000 kms tro’ 13 countries then. No sophisticated gadgets, no back-up support crew, just 2 Tough Jungle Fighters from the Colonial Police that completed their tour of duty in the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). Mad, impossible” screamed the skeptics in those days. 1st Feb 1958 they left Johor Bahru & reached Dover, 3 mths later.!! A Flashback for our 25RFC in honour of Roy & Noel. Note1: Roy was platoon commander of 10thJungle Company & commander of FORT BROOKE (now POS Brooke). He was air dropped into Pos Brooke. He wrote another book "The Jungle Beat" on his exploits as a jungle fighter.Note 2: Noel Dungeon was the distinct other half, took covert jungle ops in the then Malaya, later served in Vietnam with the Australian Army, American Special Forces & completed his career as a Major in the Australian S.A.S. Both Roy & Noel were attached to the Malayan Police Field Force then. Roy Follows also wrote an article for our 10th anniversary commemorative RFC book in 2007. You can say both have been to RFC route long before many of us were even born yet or to think of off-roading. Read the two books from Ulric Publishing, UK. #posbrooke#fortbrooke#fourwheelsandfrontier#thejunglebeat#ulricpublishing#royfollows#rainforestchallenge#25RFC#VM2020#tourismmalaysia#luisjawee#exploreroutfitter#petronturbodiesel#petronmalaysia#RainforestChallengeInternational @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge


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