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From the WESTERN FRONT in Central Europe, another SELFLESS effort by NGOs, individuals & private companies for the public good in “Everybody’s WAR x the pandemic,” reports from RFC Global Series (RFCGS) Paul Rambler in CZECH REP. Decontamination at Prague Airport with technology & equip for firemen use supplied by Dekonta CBRN s.r.o (member of Dekonta Holdings a.s) & Mila Janacek on Tomáš Slavatu’s help to Children’s Homes with supplies of protective masks, sanitizers, water & home items which are lacking.These are part of the many stories worldwide from individuals, companies & NGO who contribute for the greater good of humanity, some of them from our own RFCGS fraternity. Together, we will overcome & we will emerge stronger after this pandemic is over! TQ..Paul Rambler, Dekonta CBRN, Mila Janacek, Tomáš Slavata & Zdenek Zikmund Subaru CZ . For now, #stayathome#waragainstcovid19.#RFCCentralEurope#RFCCZ#rfcglobalseries#RFCGS#rfcworldwide#dekontaholdings#czechrepublic#paulrambler#rainforestchallenge.

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