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Coming Monsoon Storm from South Asia: "Acrobatic + On 2 wheels?"

Yes, but you will need more than balancing skills to finish the race in RFC INDIA (RFCIN) 2020. Season 7 coming 17-25 JULY, also the time for South West Monsoon of course! Whatever the odds, for the elite off-road 4x4 racing teams from the subcontinent, you bet, they will be more than ready to face the racing format from among the Top Ten Motor Races in the World, the Rainforest Challenge from RFC Global Series (RFCGS). Pix: RFCIN. #rfcindia2020 #RFCIN2020 #rainforestchallengeindia #cougarmotorsports #rfcglobalseries #RFCGS #rfcworldwide #luisjawee #petronturbodiesel #petronmalaysia #VM2020 #tourismmalaysia #RainforestChallengeInternational @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge.

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