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Are You Among the Toughest & Bravest Latin 4x4 Warriors to take on RFC ECUADOR 2020?

Expect top racing teams from Colombia, Venezuela & host nation Ecuador battle for honours in the racing format of the World’s Top Ten Toughest Motor Races – the Rainforest Challenge! Who will be the Top Guns for mother RFC in Malaysia this Nov? Cover pix of 4x4 Trocha & Gorgojo Team 150 (Jorge & Christian) the 2-time RFCEC Champion in mother RFC 2019 + battles from RFCEC last year. Map credit to BeautifulWolrd.com. More updates soon! : #rfcecuador2020 #RFCEC2020 #rainforestchallengeecuador #rfcglobalseries #RFCGS #VM2020 #tourismmalaysia #rfcgrandfinal2020 #RFC2020 #luisjawee #rfworldwide #southamerica #rainforestchallenge #petronturbodiesel #petronmalaysia @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

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