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A 25RFC Tribute to "A Blonde" who joined the RFC & published her tales of adv in National Geographic

A 25RFC on An Accomplished Personality. “The Blonde” who travelled the adv world, came to RFC & published her exploits in the event with National Geographic in “The Tao of Blonde (printed 2005), reprinted in 2011. That’s BEATA PAWLIKOWSKA a renowned Polish writer, traveler, photographer, journalist & radio/TV host..She joined the RFC in 2003 with Team Poland (Marek Janaszkiewicz & Agnieszka).”Great to hv participated in the Rainforest Challenge. Luis, I wish you all the best on the occasion of this jubilee. I hope we will meet again soon, as Malaysia is one of the nicest countries I have ever been to, while the RFC team is one of the greatest in the world,” love & best regards from Beata during our 15RFC. Other books: Blonde in the Jungle 2001, Blonde among the Rainbow Hunters 2002, Blonde & the Sharman 2004 & The Blonde, The Jaguar & the Mystery of the Mayas 2010 among others. Hosts her own radio show “The World according to a Blonde on Radio ZET (one of biggest national radio stations in Poland), also broadcasted live from the heart of the Amazon.Top pix from Beata, bottom pix from RFC archive at campsite.

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