List of RFC Global Series (RFCGS) and RFT World Series (RFTWS) events worldwide for 2020-2021 season.

Note 1:  RFC 4x4 off-road racing events and RFT expedition, exploration adventure tourism events

Note 2: This list of RFC & RFT events s subject to amendments & additions of events & activities during the year.

  1. RFC North Europe: Lithuania (RFCLT) JanTraining Session

  2. RFC Ukraine (Kharkiv) Spring edition

  3. RFC Czech Republic Spring edition

  4. RFC India Boot Camp 2nd quarter of the year

  5. RFC West Ukraine (Bukovina Spring edition

  6. RFC Ecuador (South America)  2nd quarter of the year

  7. RFC Russia Smolensk 2nd quarter of the year

  8. RFC South Europe (Italy) Spring edition

  9. RFC  North Europe: Lithuania (RFCLT): Spring edition

  10. RFC Armenia (Caucasus region) 2nd quarter of the year

  11. RFC Russia Neryungri (Yakutia), Summer edition

  12. RFC Russia Siberia (Novosibirsk), Summer edition

  13. RFC Russia Sakha (Yakutiaa), Summer edition.

  14. RFC Russia Khabarovsk, Summer edition

  15. RFC South Korea, Summer edition

  16. RFC Caucasus (Georgia) Summer edition

  17. RFC Ukraine (Kharkiv) Summer edition

  18. RFC Mongolia,  Summer edition

  19. RFC Russia Baikal, Summer edition

  20. RFC Russia Aldan, Summer edition

  21. RFC Russia Sakhalin, Summer edition

  22. RFC India (Goa), Summer edition (SW Monsoon)

  23. RFC Ukraine (Kyiv), Summer ediiton

  24. RFC Russia Caucasus (Northern Caucasus), Summer edition

  25. RFC Russia Primorye - Tiger Trial, Summer edition.

  26. RFC Ukraine (Kharkiv) , Autumn edition

  27. RFC Russia Urals, Autumn edition

  28. RFC North Europe: Lithuania (RFCLT), Autumn edition

  29. RFC Grand Final in Malaysia, end Nov to early Dec

Line up for RFCGS (new events)

  1. RFC Poland

  2. RFC Moldova (Southeast Europe)

  3. RFC El Salvador (Central America)

  4. RFC Bolivia (South America)

  5. RFC Chile (South America)

  6. RFC Kazakhstan (Central Asia)

  7. RFC Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia)

  8. RFC Istanbul (Turkey)

Line up for RFT World Series (RFTWS)

  1. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Caucasus, Russia

  2. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Mindanao, The Philippines

  3. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Los Andes, South America

  4. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Pantanal (Bolivian side), South America

  5. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) India

  6. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Indonesia

  7. Rainforest Trophy (RFT) Drive To Russia

  8. Rainforest Trophy (RFT)  Ecuador, South America

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